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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 32

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Flip the Switch: How to Decorate Your Living Room with Floor and Table Lamps

Wall art isn't the only way to spruce up a space. Keep reading below to learn how to decorate your living room with floor and table lamps.

Over the past few years, the lamp and lighting store industry has grown at a 1.1% rate to be a 4.3 billion dollar industry. The crazy numbers give a clear representation of the many people using lamps in the houses today.
Furnishing or simply remodeling your house is an uphill task but I’m sure you must be excited. If you are looking forward to picking colors, shapes, and sizes but have no clue on where to start on floor lamps, then you have come to the right page.
Keep reading below for ideas on how to decorate your place with floor and table lamps.

Complement Your Decor

Note that I’m not saying that you must buy lamps of the same color as your interior design. But try and compliment the design. Is it eclectic, modern may be traditional?
For instance, if you have rustic wardrobes and tables, then try getting a crude looking table lamp. Modern looks are that will fit seamlessly at your place.

How Much Light?

This is one question that you should not ignore when choosing floor or table lamps. If you intend to use the lamp for reading or to illuminate the entire room, then go for translucent shades.
But if all you want is just a decorative piece then choose an opaque shade. The light variation will definitely give your place a dramatic look.

Sleek Shades

Contemporary designs look more defined if you use simple and streamlined furnishes.
Floor lamps with drum-shaped shades add character to the room. Place them in a corner or in pairs near entrances, paintings or windows. Preferably in the dining room or the living room.

Size Matters

In design, height ratios are significant. The last thing you want to do is place a table lamp that is too big for its location. Apart from this being a design no-no, your lamp is prone to breakages if it happens to be bigger than the table itself.
In a similar manner, small lamps will look odd in a large room. Some might even end up being “invisible”. For easier judgment, ensure that the shade ranges from a half to three quarters the size of the base. And that it covers the inner hardware of the lamp.

Classic Look

If you choose a traditional design, then pick a shade that has a tapered shape as they tend to blend well with the design.
You can find them in stores selling stained glass panels, windows, and lamps.

Dare to be Bold

You can use table and floor lamps to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. They can change the entire mood of a room.
Pick a shade that has an interesting or bold pattern. Make sure that the stand itself is decorative as and fits well with the background.

More on Table Lamps

The above ideas will definitely help you when decorating your place. A clever mixture of both table and floor lamps is recommended. Enjoy yourself when remodeling your place.
Remember the table lights and floor lamps will be at your home. Your main aim is to make your home both comfortable and breathtaking. Feel free to check out our blog for more information on table lamps. Come visit for a great selection!
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 31

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How to Choose the Color and Texture of Your Stained Glass Windows

Installing stained glass windows is a beautiful way to decorate your home. Here's what you need to know about choosing the right colors and textures.
There is an increased popularity in home decoration and do-it-yourself projects (DIY) that spark creativity and make living spaces more comfortable. There is a high demand for stained glass windows that add beauty, art, and offer opacities for your privacy needs.
Many homeowners love a great view and windows can brighten your home interiors. Every room in your house would benefit from having windows. They are a source of natural light and brighten your rooms for a healthier living.
Installing stained glass windows is a beautiful way to decorate your home. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right colors and textures.

1. Choose Glass for One Project at A Time

When you are buying the glass for your project many factors influence your decision such as the opacity, color, texture, and ease of use. Identify the specific location for the window. This will help you focus on getting the right design and shade for the effect you want to create in that particular project.

2. Opacity

Consider the purpose of getting the opaque glass. There’re Opals that you can’t see through them and there’s cathedral opaque that is transparent even with their intense and beautiful colors.
The purpose could be to either mask an unsightly view or trying to control light. The bathroom is one place that the opals are used for privacy yet they can still be a source of light

3. Texture

Texture determines if the window is suitable for your project or not. Some are smooth on one side while others are smooth on the front and back. There are others that are not perfectly smooth as well.
When you are choosing the texture of the window, you need to consider the purpose of the window and your ability to clean the window

4. Color of Stained Glass Window

You need to choose a color that will blend well with the environment that you have chosen to put the window. Color is critical in the world of stained glass, therefore, pick the tone of the furniture and other elements that are an integral part of making the glass window balance well.
Your chosen color should create harmony in the room and make the interior design stand out

5. Different Glass

There are different glass compositions in the market. This means that glass will be different when you’re handling it or cutting it. Ensure you do a test sore before you cut it so that you can know how easily it breaks.

Choose the Color and Texture Stained Glass Windows like a Pro

Glass selection is an important aspect of design for your project. Focus on creating a unique characteristic of the stained glass windows that will improve your home decoration needs.
Choose the right texture and color based on the purpose of getting the window. Ensure you choose the stained glass when there’s a light source. When you get it in a poorly lit room, you may not get all its elements and it may not fit the purpose for which you intend to use it for.
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