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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 19

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Upgrading Your View? 3 Things to Know Before You Replace Windows

Upgrading Your View? 3 Things to Know Before You Replace Windows

Good windows are our home's view to world outside. If you're thinking of upgrading your view, here are 3 things to know before you replace windows.

Traditional aluminum windows have an expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Wooden windows can last up to 30 years.

While modern windows are designed to last, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, you are going to have to replace the windows in your home.
However, since the process of replacing windows is a huge undertaking and quite an investment, there is some important information you should know first. Keep reading to know what that information is.

1. Replacement or Retrofit?

If you are doing other construction on your home, such as replacing the stucco or siding, then true replacement windows may be necessary. This requires you to cut the siding or stucco, remove the flashing paper, and then take out the entire window.
A retrofit is when the exterior of your home remains unaltered and damage free. The old window frame's perimeter isn't removed. Instead, the new window is installed inside the old framework.
The new windows installed are slightly smaller. The good news is, you can barely notice this once everything is in place.

2. Window Frame Options

You need to choose a window frame that works for your home and your house. There are several options for you to choose from with the most popular highlighted here.

Vinyl Frames

These are typically white or brownish in color. These are low maintenance and simple to clean. This option is becoming popular for many homeowners who want a more durable frame.

Aluminum Frames

This type of material provides great insulation. They are also available in darker colors. This is a traditional frame type and is still popular today.

Fiberglass Frames

With this frame, there's no maintenance necessary. You can even paint the surface to coordinate with your home. These are one of the more expensive options, so keep that in mind.

Wood Frames

Wood window frames are still a popular option today. You can get these frames in an array of colors, but they have to be pained ever two to three years. Also, wood won't last as long as some of the other materials listed here.

3. The Glass

You can choose single glazed or double-glazed windows for your home. Each option has both pros and cons.

Single-Glazed Windows

This type of glass is created with a single pane. This design makes them extremely easy to replace if they break. They are also easy to clean. The downside is that they don't offer very much insulation.

Double-Glazed Windows

Just as the name implies, these windows have two panes of glass and a layer of air trapped in between them. This design provides much more insulation than single-glazed glass.
However, it's important to note that the seal may fail after about 15 to 20 years. Also, having to replace a broken pane of double-glass is costly.

Is it Time to Replace the Windows in Your Home?

If it is time for you to replace the windows in your home, then make sure to keep the information here in mind. It will help you find the right type and style of windows for your needs.

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