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Can Stained Glass Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Can Stained Glass Windows Add Value to Your Home?

Are you looking for a beautiful addition to your home that can also add value to it? Here are a few reasons to consider stained glass windows.

So many homeowners watch home improvement shows, see how much value people get from their renovations, and decide it's a great investment. Did you know the wrong renovations can actually reduce your home's value, though?

You don't have to be one of those cases. The key is researching what projects will add value to your home and then complete them in the right way.
Sure, there are obvious improvements like new flooring or a more open concept. You can also go for a more original design feature like stained glass windows. Here's what you need to know about the value boost they can bring. 

How Can Stained Glass Windows Add Value to My Home?

Customizing your home's design can make your house feel more like your own, but it can add value to your house too. Stained glass windows offer both of those benefits.

Valuable Artwork

The obvious way stained glass windows bring value is because they carry a value of their own. Each assembled window is a work of art, whether you commission a custom one or buy a pre-assembled option.
Much like hanging a painting, your stained glass window has its own value and as part of your home, that value goes into your home's sale price.

Unique Detail

Have you every gotten shopping fatigue? You're looking for a particular item and after a while, all the options blend together in your mind.
That happens to house hunters too, and your home can fall through the cracks if it doesn't stand out to prospective buyers. By serving as a unique detail that sticks in a buyer's mind, a stained glass window can lead to a more successful sale.

Customized Charm

Most homeowners have a specific style or feel that they want to create in their home. Maybe you want an urban, trendy vibe or that of a cozy cottage.
While most people think of stained glass windows as an old world and traditional design feature, they have far more variety than that. You can use a stained glass window in any style you choose.
This gives you a more cohesive and immersive feel throughout your house. Buyers love being able to define a home in their minds, so this is a great way to add value to your house.

Getting Great Value from Your Stained Glass Windows

If you want to carry your personal style into your home while also gaining value from the house, stained glass windows can be the perfect way to do it.
The key is to identify the right design, invest in quality, and limit the windows to accents. If the entire house is full of stained glass windows, they could lose their appeal attention-grabbing features.

If you're ready to start looking for the perfect stained glass windows for your home, shop our stained glass windows to find the ideal fit for your home and your style.

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5 Great Ideas For Incorporating Stained Glass Lamps Into Your Decor

5 Great Ideas For Incorporating Stained Glass Lamps Into Your Decor

Do you want to start incorporating new lighting into your home? Here are some great ideas for how to work stained glass lamps into your decor.

Did you know stained glass has been used for thousands of years and dates back to the ancient Egyptians? It was later used in the 7th century on monastery windows and became more popular.  

Around the late 1800s, this concept was used to make the first stained glass lamps. Tiffany lamps, one of the most popular kinds, were all the rage around 1895.Â

In 2018, stained glass lamps are not common in most homes. Which is why it will set your home apart from the rest! Â

But how do you decorate a modern house with something that was popular over a century ago? Don't worry. In this guide, we'll give you five ideas for how to incorporate stained glass into your home decor.  

5 Ways to Use Stained Glass Lamps in Your Home

1. Library or reading corner. The soft lighting and beautiful colors can instantly make your reading space a lot cozier. Shelves full of old books and some dim lighting create the perfect place to relax and do some reading. This is a classic library look that will never stop looking good.

2. Game room or man cave. Similar to the library, a man cave does not need to have a ton of bright lights. All you need is some mood lighting or enough light to see what you are doing. A stained glass hanging lamp over a pool table is a timeless look. A small lamp on a table next to your favorite sports memorabilia is another classic look. 
A standing lamp in the corner will give enough light to the room will spreading those stained glass colors across the walls for a cozy retreat.

3. Highlight other antiques. A great way to decorate with a stained glass lamp is to put it on a small desk or table with some other older items. If you have any older pottery, picture frames, candles or other objects the lamp is a great way to bring them all together in a cozy little collectibles nook.

4. Focus on the lamp. Even if you don't have any antiques or anything that would match the decor, don't worry about it. Something as elegant as a stained glass lamp doesn't require any help. Just display the lamp out in the open or on a desk or table that puts it in the spotlight. This focal point of the room will definitely be a conversation piece when people come to visit!.

5. Let there be light. You actually don't need any interior design experience to decorate with stained glass lamps. Just put the lamp in any room along with your regular lamps and the extra pop of color creates some comfortable mood lighting.

Start Decorating with Stained Glass Lamps 

As you can see, a stained glass lamp is easy to incorporate into your home decor. Anywhere that it can add a bit of light and color will look good.Â

If you want to buy stained glass lamps, then there are many options available. Just decide where you want to put it and then choose something with the size and colors you want, or contact us if you want help deciding what would work best for your house.

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