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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 13

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5 Stunning Ways to Style Your Home With Stained Glass

5 Stunning Ways to Style Your Home With Stained Glass

Are you looking for a great way to add color to your home? Here are some incredible ways you can style your home using stained glass.

Every great home design has a creative mix of colors throughout the house. Whether you're going for a modern look or an art deco space, the right use of color is crucial.

You don't want to end up with a home design that falls flat because there isn't enough color to liven it up. On the other hand, you risk going over the top and missing the mark if the colors you pick out clash.
Luckily, there are tons of tricks to help you find a happy balance - and one of them is the use of stained glass. If you've never thought of hanging stained glass in your home, you need to seriously consider it.
Here are 5 ways you can style this beautiful piece of interior design.

1. On the Front Door

Lots of vintage doors already come with stained glass on them, and there's really no need to change that. You may want to clean the glass a bit or swap out some of the colors, but it would be a huge mistake to change the entire design of such a door.
If you have a modern front door with window panels or a more basic setup, it's easy to incorporate stained glass. You can also put stained glass around the door if there are small windows in the entryway.

2. In the Kitchen

The next place that stained glass would look absolutely beautiful is the kitchen. All you need is a small touch to transform the look and feel of the room.
Imagine putting a border of stained glass around the kitchen window, or by covering one the window panels entirely if you have a lot of windows in the room. There are all kinds of possibilities in this part of the house. Don't be afraid to play with different ideas until you're sure of the best choice.

3. To Brighten the Bathroom

Another space that could benefit from a touch of stained glass is the bathroom.
Whether you have a large master bathroom or a small guest bath, stained glass can create more comfort and beauty in this space. It can make a tiny half-bath look a lot bigger and it makes a big bathroom feel more welcoming, too.

4. On the Ceiling

Here's an interesting thought: if you have a sunroom with a glass ceiling or a few skylights somewhere in the house, you have a great canvas to incorporate stained glass onto.
This isn't to say you have to completely cover the glass on your ceiling. But, a nice border on the ceiling of the sunroom or a stained glass design on a skylight would be a nice touch. These are stunning upgrades that really make a statement.

5. As Wall Decor

If you can't find any openings or windows to place your stained glass, consider framing a piece of stained glass. It sounds a little silly at first, but it looks amazing once you actually do it.
All you need to do is find a place on your walls that needs a bit of color. You could hang a set of stained glass in the living room or put it in the entryway among family pictures and loving quotes.
Wherever you hang it, though, it's sure to be a lovely addition to your home.

Find the Perfect Stained Glass for Your Home

You still have to find the ideal piece of art once you figure out where you'd like to put your stained glass. This is a process of its own. There are all kinds of stained glass designs to choose from, and the right one can be difficult to choose.
It is out there, though. You just have to find it!
You can start your search by taking a moment to explore the stained glass we offer.

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