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What's it Worth? 7 Signs Your Stained Glass Pieces are Valuable

What's it Worth? 7 Signs Your Stained Glass Pieces are Valuable

So you found some stained glass pieces and you're wondering what they're worth. Start with these signs of valuable stained glass pieces.

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To a lot of people, stained glass might just look like junk. It may seem like it has no value at all.
You know that this is not always true. Stained glass pieces can offer a lot of value and in the right hands, can be worth a lot of money.
How can you know if the stained glass you have can earn you some extra cash?
There are some simple tips that you will be able to follow in order to determine the value of your stained glass.

1. What's the Condition?

The first thing to look at when you want to find out how much your stained glass is worth is the condition the pieces are in. If the pieces are scratched or chipped, they are going to be worth much less money than if they are in mint condition.

2. Are These Stained Glass Pieces Rare?

Pieces that are made by artists that only have a few items out there or are well-known and unique are much more desirable to the general public.
When people want a certain type of stained glass, they are willing to give up more of their money.

3. How Do They Look?

This kind of relates to the condition of the stained glass, but it also relates to the way that it looks. Does it look pretty? Does it have an unsettling pattern?
A lot of the popular pieces that are more beautiful and aesthetically appealing will cost and be worth more. People want things that look nice!

4. Are The Pieces Genuine?

Is your glass the real deal or is your glass a copycat?
Glass that can be shown to come from a specific artist, time period or style may be more valuable. If the glass pieces are just fake stained glass, they likely are not going to be worth as much overall.

5. What Kind of Glass Is It?

This may not seem important, but it really does matter the type of glass the pieces are made from. This can help to determine the time period and can affect the overall value in this way.
For instance, if the glass is opalescent, which means there is more than one color, this will show that it had to have been created after 1880. Obviously, pieces that can be dated as being older are going to be worth more since they are more unique.

6. Can You Determine the Style?

The style of the stained glass can also help to show what year it may have been made. In addition to this, the style will appeal to specific buyers more than others if someone is collecting stained glass from a certain style, such as art deco or primitive styles.

7. How Old Is It?

This has been mentioned, but if there is solid proof that the stained glass can be dated to a certain point in time, you will have a much easier time selling it and getting your money's worth as well.

Tell Me The Value!

People like to purchase things that are unique, expensive, and specific, which is why these factors are so important if you want to determine the value of any stained glass you may come across.
There are a lot of stained glass pieces out there, both real and fake, so it is crucial that you pay close attention to what you are buying or trying to sell. No one likes to be tricked and having the necessary knowledge to prevent that is always a wise decision.
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