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How to Install Stained Glass Window Inserts

How to Install Stained Glass Window Inserts

Did you recently buy stained glass window inserts? If you have a pre-made window frame, you can easily install stained glass inserts. Here's your guide.

Congratulations on your beautiful new stained glass window inserts! Stained glass can add new light, privacy, and value to your home. Once you get it in place, that is.

Know how to properly install your new stained glass piece? If you have a pre-made window frame, you can easily install your new art. Let us walk you through the process to avoid injury or frustration.
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Adding Stained Glass to Existing Windows

Keep the insulating properties of your modern windows by installing your new stained glass insert on the inside of the window. This also protects your stained glass and lead from weathering and deterioration.
Achieve the look you want without replacing the entire window. When you sell your home, you need not leave your stained glass window inserts behind. You can simply remove the stained glass panels and move them to your new home. The additional layer of glass and air gap creates a double pane window. This insulates far better than a window alone.
Bonding tape ensures that no dust or dirt can get between the clear pane of glass and your new handmade piece of art. This method does assume that your windows are currently in good shape. If the glass is cracked, pitted, chipped or loose, make repairs first.

Stained Glass Window Inserts In Vulnerable Areas

If you are having stained glass installed in a bathroom, kitchen or similar place with very moist air, protect your artwork. Make sure the stained glass panel is between the existing outer glass window and another clear glass pane. Moisture is highly corrosive to the lead in the panel.
The glass sandwich is then framed into place and surrounded with matching trim and a bead of caulk. A simple coat of paint and the installation is watertight, professional and beautiful.
Similarly, stained glass panels can be very fragile compared to solid safety glass. Protect the security of your home by insisting the stained glass transoms and side lights are break-resistant triple layers.

Installation Steps

Taking chances with your new stained glass art is not recommended. If your home is new construction or a permit renovation, safety glass may be required. For example, in a door or shower, your stained glass insert must be sandwiched between layers of safety glass.

Step 1

Examine your existing glass for cracks, chips or missing putty. Repair if needed. Clean the window inside and out. Neutralize the pH.

Step 2

Use a high-quality glass bonding tape to seal the stained glass window to the clear pane of glass.

Step 3

If a triple window in called for, bond another layer of clear safety glass on the inside of the stained glass. Frame the insert with matching trim. Seal with caulk and add finish painting.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of stained glass in your home requires proper installation. Add stained glass inserts to the laundry, entry, kitchen, and bath or more light, privacy, and value.
Proper installation protects the beauty of your new stained glass window inserts for many years to come.
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That is all for now!  May sunshine fill your day!

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