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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 6

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The 6 Best Stained Glass Designs to Beautify Your Home

The 6 Best Stained Glass Designs to Beautify Your Home

Using stained glass designs in your home can take your indoor decor to the next level. Check out these six beautiful ideas to get started.

Adding new windows to your home brings one of the highest returns on investment at nearly 85%. Even if you live with your new windows for years, you could end up getting 85% of the value back when you go to sell your home.

If you want to make your home more beautiful and add a little value, go one step further and consider some interesting stained glass designs.
Here are 6 design styles you should consider for your home.

1. Geometric

One of the most frequent styles of stained glass you'll find anywhere will have geometric patterns. Squares inside of squares or diamonds inside of diamonds is a common style of stained glass that looks beautiful in any home.
When you're working with a stained glass artist, they will likely have different drawings and patterns from previous projects. Choosing from a geometric pattern that they've worked with before will allow you to be sure you get something great and that it's done on schedule.

2. Landscape

Simple landscapes look lovely when interpreted in stained glass. A stained glass landscape can be reflective of the landscape you're in, or in a city home, be a beacon of calm that reminds you of another environment.
The great thing about stained glass is that a simple landscape doesn't necessarily have to be rendered realistically. Landscapes in stained glass can essentialize color in a way that gets right to the point of the feeling you're trying to invoke.

3. Figurative

Stained glass with simple figures or a stained glass portrait can be a lovely way to show tribute to someone you love or evoke a certain emotion. Stained glass figures in churches have been making people feel something for centuries. You could show the same respect for a loved one or an important figure in your life through stained glass.
If you're a religious person, this could be the opportunity to pay respect to your favorite saint. A stained glass window could be made in tribute of any religion at all, from the east to the west.

4. Mosaic

A simple mosaic pattern would work well in a home that had a contemporary style. Small squares of many different colors could be arranged symmetrically into rows that bring a colorful beam of light into your home.
A mosaic is a great way to engage a large window that gets lots of natural light or to fill a piece of interior molding the separates a space.

5. Modernist

Take a page out of a Frank Lloyd Wright book and add some modernist design to your home. Using muted colors, simple curves and symmetrical pattern, you can give your home a cool vintage style.
You could copy one of the many famous Wright designs or use his work as an inspiration to make your own unique window.

6. Floral

Floral patterns are a bright and whimsical way to design a stained glass window. While they may have had their heyday in the 60s and 70s, they're making a serious comeback.

Stained Glass Designs Bring All Kinds of Value

When you add stained glass designs to home, you bring more than just more financial value. You add a sense of warmth and calm that anyone can feel when they walk through the door. Make your home warm and creative with stained glass.
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 5

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Lamp for Your Space

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Lamp for Your Space

Choosing the right kind of lamp depends on a lot of factors like the room its in and how high you need it to be. Check out these helpful tips to make the right selection.

Lighting can be surprisingly important in the feel and atmosphere of any room.

Depending on how you want your house to feel, you need to decide on the height, color, brightness, and placement of lamps and lighting in your rooms. It can often seem easier to just go to a thrift shop and pick out a lamp that works.
It is actually very easy and affordable to hand pick a new lamp for any space. It just requires that you do some research and plan accordingly for installation. Even a light that needs to be installed can be taken care of with little to no effort.
You might not have a kind of lamp in mind if you're having difficulty deciding on lighting for your space. If you're in that position, here are 8 tips for choosing the right kind of lamp for your space.

Choosing the Right Kind of Lamp

1. Identify Lamp Position

The first thing that you want to do is determine where you are going to put a lamp. The typical locations are in corners and near end tables, next to couches, or just outside of doorways.
You may have luck trying alternative positions. Try and put a test lamp in any spot where an outlet can reach it. By doing this you open yourself up to think outside of the box.

2. Pick a Height

Not all lamps need to be at couch-level. You have a lot of different height options with your lamps. Again, do your best to think outside of the box. If a lamp would go exceptionally well above your couch, consider placing an electrical outlet in a spot where a chord would reach.
Another great way to extend the position of your lamp is to use a well-hidden extension chord.

3. Choose a Shade

A lamp shade can adjust the hue and brightness of the light entering your space. Pick something that goes with the theme of the room, and don't just settle for the shade that comes with the base of the lamp.
There are a lot of abstract lamp shades that can be a great addition to your room. If you're having trouble selecting a good shade, try out something that fits with the color scheme of your furniture.

4. Decide on a Size

Lamps vary in size and weight. You can choose a tiny bedside lamp, or invest in a large lamp that can serve as a work of art. It really depends on the placement and function of your lamp.
If you're planning on placing a light near the entrance of your home, you might want to consider a larger lamp. If you're decorating a bedroom, you might find that a smaller light will do.

5. Bulbs

Bulbs, like shades, can come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some things to consider are color, type, longevity, and wattage.

6. Talk to Your Friends

Your friends and family have likely gone through the trouble of deciding on a lamp. Invite them over, get their opinion, and even try to go shopping for shades and bases with them.

7. Select a Lamp Base

There is a wide world of lamp bases out there, so it might be useful to refer to a home decor magazine or Pinterest for ideas. In any case, you'll want something that is expressive and fits with the feel of your room.

8. Consult a Home Decorator

If you're dealing with a highly refined, eclectic living room, your lamp might be of the utmost importance. It can be very useful to consult a home decorator in these situations.

Start Searching Now

You never know when your dream lamp will get taken off the market. Search around online to identify different parts that might work for you.
If you're experiencing difficulty doing this, you can always look out for websites that give advice on home decor and lamp specifications.

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