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Totally Awesome Room Decor Ideas You Should Try Now

Totally Awesome Room Decor Ideas You Should Try Now

Dull and drab can turn into lively and fab with these room decor ideas that you can incorporate into any room of your choice today!

Did you know you can improve your mood and productivity simply by adding indoor plants to your home?

The way your home looks impacts you more than you may realize. In fact, even the colors of the walls and furniture in your room affect your thoughts and behavior.
Redecorating is a fun-filled activity that allows you to express your creativity and bring your ideas to life. But now you have even more reasons to do it.
Looking to freshen up your living space by doing some redecorating of your own? Read on for 4 room decor ideas you can't afford to miss!

Navy Blue Walls

Blue is a relaxing color that elicits calmness and creativity. But navy blue, in particular, is the perfect color choice if you want to make any room look larger than it is.
To complement the navy blue walls, try incorporating mustard yellow curtains and pillows. You can also hang a mirror to make the room feel even more spacious.

Stained Glass Lamps

There's no easier way to inject color into any room than by setting a stained glass lamp on the table.
One of the best aspects of stained glass is its versatility. Designs vary substantially, from animal themes to geometrical shapes.
You can also use a stained glass lamp to create a focal point in a room that desperately needs one. They immediately attract eyes to them as soon as guests enter.
If you're attempting to add more personality to a room by creating a layered lighting effect, stained glass lamps can help you achieve that as well.

Floating Shelves

If you want to decorate your wall and save space at the same time, floating shelves have you covered.
To bring life to your room, you can fill the shelves up with small plants, photos, books, and vases.
However, floating shelves aren't just for the living room. They work well to prevent clutter in an office, and they can provide easy access to cooking utensils in the kitchen. You can even use one in place of a nightstand in your bedroom.

Indoor Hanging Baskets

Maybe you want to add houseplants to your home decor but lack the floor space to do so. Hanging houseplants are one of the best room decor ideas for this situation.
You can make a lively canopy above your dinner table with them. If you have an empty corner in a room, you can fill it with a hanging houseplant too.
There are a few houseplants that are particularly well-suited for indoor hanging baskets. These include String of Pearls, Queen's Tears, Devil's Ivy, and Satin Pothos.

Final Thoughts on Room Decor Ideas

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors. A significant chunk of that is in our own homes, so we might as well spruce them up to our liking.
Since new decor trends are always emerging, it's a good idea to redecorate every couple years or so. This prevents the style of your home from becoming outdated.
What are some of the best room decor ideas you've come across? Do any of the ones in this article stand out to you? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

May sunshine fill your day!

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