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6 Unique Home Deco Ideas & Tips

6 Unique Home Deco Ideas & Tips

Have your home match your quirky personality or just stand out amongst your friends as having the coolest home of all time with these ideas and tips!

Everyone wants their home to sing with personality, but it can seem overwhelming trying figure out where to start when working with a limited budget.

Breathing new life into your home deco can often be a simple matter of thinking outside the box and placing your focus more on creativity than your wallet.
Believe it or not, it's easy to make a little go a long way.

Home Deco Ideas for Inspiration

Have your home match your quirky personality, or just stand out amongst your friends as having the coolest home of all time with these ideas and tips!

1. Add Layers

When you think about layers in decorating, just use the same principles as you would in fashion. Something casual like jeans and a T-shirt can be easily spiced up with the perfect scarf. Apply the same thinking to home deco.
Use layers and color with pillows or a great throw. Rugs on the floor with different patterns add a cool vibe that your friends will envy.

2. Embrace Your Whimsical Side

Don't be afraid to let your whimsical side shine!
Why not consider using vintage wallpaper? This is especially great in a child's bedroom. It will give it an awesome throwback vibe that will make it a marvelous space for them to begin to dream as they drift off to sleep.

3. Use Vintage

Vintage is hotter than ever. Gorgeous pieces that have been rescued and repurposed can transport you back in time.
From turn-of-the-century chairs, mid-century modern dishes, flea market lamps to Depression-era flatware and coffee's a potential goldmine for turning your home into a deco wonder!

4. Add Storage

Don't be afraid to match odd pieces together around the dining room, which have the side benefit of providing added storage. Display cases with glass is a great way to show-off gorgeous vintage dishes.
Focusing on color is a way to tie it all together so that various styles form a seamless look that's pleasing on a number of levels.

5. Mash-up Styles

There's a real liberation in not limiting the look of a room or even an entire house to a single design scheme.
Pairing styles like rustic and Asian can turn a stale room into a delight for the eyes. Dip your toe into this decorating technique and you might soon find yourself mashing-up styles in every room!

6. Start at the Front Door

Setting the tone of your home at your front door makes a statement for the rest of the house.
Paint the front door a bold color like red, yellow, or orange. This is both fun and welcoming. Adding this splash of color projects joy and warmth to those who enter your home.

Achieve a Fresh Look on a Budget

It's fun to shake things up every once in a while and give your home a new, fresh look. This doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Adding life and vibrancy to any room is more about flexing your creative muscle than it is spending thousands of dollars on new decor.
Just remember to have fun and let your personality shine!

May sunshine fill your day!

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