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8 Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

8 Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas

Create a beautiful and unique space that you and your family will love spending time in with these shabby chic living room decoration ideas!

Do you need some shabby chic living room ideas?

The style first became a thing in London during the 1960s. The bohemian hippies of the time furnished their places with used furniture and art that happened to look pretty stylish.
Shabby chic fell by the wayside in the 1970s. It made a vicious comeback in the 1980s, thanks to Rachel Ashwell, who first opened up her Shabby Chic store in 1989. She slowly built an empire based off of the idea that good design can look lived in, be stylish, and affordable at the same time.
If you want to know how you can apply these design ideas to your living room, keep reading for the top 8 shabby chic ideas.

1. It's OK to Add Color

Shabby chic is defined by white. White walls, white furniture, white everything. You can add to this white look by adding accents of color. Your walls could have some color and the furniture can be white. Pastels are the top accent colors.

2. Upcycled Furniture

To get the top furniture, you'll have to know where the best vintage finds are. Garage sales, estate sales, vintage stores, and salvage stores are great places to start.

3. Be Patient

Creating a shabby chic living room can mean hunting down the perfect pieces at garage and estate sales. It takes time to find the right fit and look for your space. If you want to create an incredible space, it's time that's well spent.

4. Add a Little Bit of Modern

Shabby chic living rooms do lend themselves to a vintage style, but you can add touches of modern to create a timeless balance. Incorporating metal or iron tables can give a modern, industrial look against the backdrop of vintage style.

5. Make Your Small Living Room Work

A small living room can be great for shabby chic decorating. You can take advantage of white or grey walls to add colorful accents and layer different textiles and finishes. Top it off with natural light and vintage furniture, and you have a bright living room.

6. Be Bold with Accents

If you're going for an all-white look, you can add bold accents with the furniture you choose. For example, you can add a deep cherry coffee table that can make the room pop.

7. Keep the Design Simple

When you're designing the shabby chic living room, you may be tempted to fill it with furniture, tchotchkes, and other things. Don't do it. Remember, you want the space to be functional and stylish. You want the space to have a nice flow and be easy to maintain.

8. Follow Your Sense of Style

Your sense of style should dictate the design of the room. A shabby chic living room can be contemporary, vintage, all white, feminine, bold, or bright. It's completely up to you.

The Perfect Shabby Chic Living Room

Making a shabby chic living room perfect is a continuous process that requires time and patience. You'll need the time to refurbish pieces and make them your own. You're also going to need the patience to find that perfect piece of furniture for your living room.
It can be addictive and a lot of fun. It's rewarding to sit in your living room and enjoy the space after all of the hard work you've put into it.
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May sunshine fill your day!

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