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7 Chic Kids Room Ideas

Have the best of both worlds and maintain a beautifully designed home while creating a space your children will love with these kids room ideas!

Let's face it: kids don't give much thought to interior design. But you do. How do you make a bedroom chic, yet still fun for your messy little monsters?

Not to worry; we have the answers. Use these chic kids room ideas for room decor that everyone will enjoy.

Let Your Kids Help Pick the Color Pallet

It's their room, after all. Make it their favorite color.
If you are the creative type, let them pick their favorite colors, then come up with a harmonious color scheme to match. Let all the kid's room decor match this scheme, including sheets and bedding, curtains and valances, lamps, even wall paint.
It also helps to have a theme. Use a theme based on a setting, like jungle or fairy tale, or a character/TV show. But be careful: young children quickly outgrow what they like.
Try to pick a theme they won't outgrow for a while or else you'll have to redecorate in a year. Good examples: girls will probably always like princesses and unicorns and boys will probably always like Batman and LEGOs.
Or, to make it way easier for yourself, let your child pick out their favorite room set. Then, buy all the items that match the set, or add other decor that matches the same theme and color scheme.

Choose Soft or Fluffy Fabrics

Kids are much less tolerant of uncomfortable things than adults are. Make sure bedding, plush decor and other fabrics in your child's room are soft and pleasant to the touch.
Try to make sure you have at least some plush decorations. The best ones are big, furry throw pillows--children love them. Though, if your child has a lot of allergies, you may want to avoid plush decor.

Choose a Furniture Finish That Compliments Your Child

In addition to complimenting the room theme, you want your child's furniture finish to compliment your child's personality. Pale or white furniture has a more carefree, whimsical feel while darker furniture sets a more serious tone.

Everything Should be Easily Washable

Kids are messy. As much as you can, try to only choose decorations that are easy to wash. Never buy kid's decor that must be dry-cleaned.

Incorporate Lots of Storage

This will also help with keeping the room clean. Incorporate lots of storage into your child's room decorating ideas.
Obviously, you'll want one or more dressers and possibly bookshelves. But also, get a bed and/or sofa with drawers underneath. Or get a nightstand that's a cabinet.
Add lots of shelves on the walls. This is a great way to be creative and functional with your children's bedroom decoration.

Get a Rug

The floor is your child's main play area. Make it as soft and as fun as the rest of their room.
They will be more comfortable sitting or laying on a soft, cushiony rug or floor mat instead of shallow carpet. And you can get one that's really fun for their age.
A puzzle mat with numbers and letters is great for young kids. Or get a rug that looks like a city as a backdrop for playing with toys.
Rugs are especially important for a toddler's room. Tummy time is necessary for a toddler's development. Give them a tummy time surface that's stimulating the eyes and the touch.
As with the rest of your kid's decor, make sure to get a rug that is easily washable.

Include Meaningful Decorations

Remind your child what's important with personally meaningful decorations that match their room theme. Get matching frames for family photos or a matching pinboard for your child's artwork and awards.

How Will You Use These Kids Room Ideas?

These kids room ideas will make your children's rooms enjoyable for them and for you. How will you use them?

Check our blog regularly for more home decoration ideas.

May sunshine fill your day!

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