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Famous and Fascinating Stained Glass Windows through the years Part 14, The Teatro Colon in Romantic Buenos Aires

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One of the world’s best opera houses is found in Buenos Aires. Built in 1908 at the height of the city’s Golden Age, the Teatro Colón is a grandiose testament to the rivers of money that once flooded the Argentine capital.
The French Renaissance building on Plaza Lavalle is impressive enough from the outside, but it has a magnificent interior. It begins in the theater’s foyer, with stained glass windows on the ceiling that depict allegories of music and mirth, antique statues and polished floors exuding pure elegance. Then there is the staircase, made of three different kinds of marble. Just imagine wealthy turn-of-the-century ladies ascending to the theater, gowns flowing behind them while admiring on-lookers watched from the balconies. The scene is surprisingly easy to picture.
                                                            The foyer
                                                The picturesque staircase

                                            More Stained Glass in the Foyer

As awesome as the foyer is, the theater is even better. With five rows of golden balconies arched around the stage, it’s little wonder that the Colón is considered among the world’s most beautiful. It’s also said to have some of the best acoustics in the world. 
                                                     The stuning theatre

If you are on tour in Buenos Aires and have the chance, make sure to take the tour of the theater. It really is a beautiful, very romantic, and incredible piece of work.

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