Friday, September 15, 2017

Famous and Fascinating Stained Glass Windows through the years Part 1, Dublin

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The stories of stained glass window panels are alluring and full of culture, history, beauty, and more!  My fascination started in grade school and only grown over time.  I made a small Blue Bird piece sitting on a branch which I thought was beautiful, but then I discovered so much more through time that I have to share.  It is a wonderful medium that has told countless stories when it was recorded in the 19th century to the present.

Artists such as William McBride in collaboration with other artists of the late 19th century were commissioned to produce fine windows in churches around the country, including St. John's Church in Belfast, St. Bridgid's in Birr, Offaly and St. George's church in Hardwicke Place, Dublin.  They told of the Great War, of Peace and Justice.

The details are stunning and very intricate.  The first picture tells of the battle adorned with castles and Irelands symbols are the edge.

The second is the victorious youth, clad in silver armor and draped in a cape tied with a Celtic brooch.  These ancient Celtic artifacts were celebrated and copied by the Celtic Arts Revival Movement, to which the artist William MacBride belonged.

The third is The 'Peace' figure who holds the touch of learning high, also carries an open book, itself an ornately designed manuscript.  Like the other figures, she is dressed in Celtic robes, a green sash over her back pinned, thereby a beautiful Tara-styled brooch. Perhaps it signifies 'Peace in Ireland', a valiant hope for the country in 1922. (extract from school magazine, Michelle Burrows).

That is all for now, but stayed tuned!  May the sunshine fill your day.

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