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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 26

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Color Your Life: Top Tips for Using Modern Stained Glass Windows in Your Home

You've seen it all over Pinterest. Modern stained glass windows seem to be everywhere. Here's how to use them to add color to your home.
Did you know that humans started creating stained glass as early as 686 A.D.?
Although you may think stained glass windows are reserved for churches and other historic buildings, there are plenty of gorgeous contemporary homes that use them.
Want to know how to add an exciting twist to your living space? Keep reading for 5 tips on how to use modern stained glass windows in your home.

1. Consider Where the Light Hits

Stained glass windows for homes are beautiful day or night, but it's important to note where the light will fall as the day progresses. Any colors that are present in your windows will also reflect on the floors, walls, and any other objects in the light's path.
This isn't a big deal for most people, but if you're thinking about putting modern stained glass panels in your office, for example, the colors may be distracting.

2. Modern Stained Glass Windows Can Be Good in Small Doses

Although you may have only seen huge stained glass windows before, you can add as much or as little to your windows as you like. In fact, you can have normal glass windows with small stained glass accents.
Since glass is so easy to customize, you have all of the creative freedom to design a window that fits your unique aesthetic.

3. Choose the Right Colors for Each Room

Stained glass can come in every hue imaginable. If you don't want to redecorate your room, you won't have any trouble finding windows that complement the colors in your decor.
Since there are no rules, you don't have to feel restricted by matching colors either. Adding a pop of rainbow into a more muted room can add just enough excitement to make the space feel more inviting.

4. Use Strategic Stained Glass Window Designs

Another benefit of using stained glass windows is that you can create any design you like. If you want more traditional windows, you can stick with classic geometric shapes. If you want more unique windows, you can create designs with any patterns, shapes, colors, and sizes.
Creating stained glass windows is similar to any other kind of art. You can turn any vision into a reality.

5. Think of It as Artwork

Since there are no limits to what can be done with contemporary stained glass windows, they can have a big personality in your house. Thinking of your windows as art pieces can help you determine which designs will make you happy.
If you wouldn't hang a painting over the area where your stained glass windows would go, then maybe that's not the right spot. Before you install your stained glass windows, try to approach the space with the same mentality as you would with adding any other art to your home.

Ready to Shop for Modern Stained Glass?

When done tastefully, modern stained glass windows can breathe new life into your home.
Are you ready to start creating your dream living space? Check out our collection to find your perfect stained glass windows. 
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 25

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Changing Light Fixtures? How to Mix and Match to Brighten Up Your Space

When changing light fixtures, you may be tempted to get all matching lighting sets. If you want to be more adventurous, here's how to mix and match lights.

You may have an open plan area in your home, such as a kitchen and dining area. Or maybe the entry and the living areas are in the same place.
In these parts of your home, visitors can see all those light fixtures at once. Should you go for matching fixtures, or mix it up a little?
It's not always appropriate to use the same light fixtures in each of those zones. You wouldn't have a chandelier over your kitchen sink!
Maybe you want new fixtures because you're switching to LED lighting. But how do you mix and match your light fixtures for the best effect? That's what we'll discuss in this post. Let's learn more about changing lighting fixtures to brighten your room!

Should Light Fixtures Match?

As we've already said, not always. Sometimes, they don't even match within the same room. You might have a dressing room style lighting set up at your bathroom sink, but then you have pendant lights over the tub.
How do you choose the types of light fixtures for a room? You need to match traits rather than entire fixtures. For example, you might choose different types of fixtures that share a style and a color palette.
They'll work together as design elements within the room, but they'll also perform the intended function too.

Choosing Light Fixtures

So you've decided on the design scheme for the room. When you're choosing light fixtures, avoid picking different fixtures from the same collection.
Maybe the lighting designer has sconces and a chandelier in the same collection. Don't use them both in the same room. It'll lead to a monotonous look and rather than matching, they'll look dull.
Instead, revisit the step above and find fixtures that match in theme, trait, color, or style. You can also use fixtures from the same collection in different rooms! That creates design harmony within the whole space.

Changing Lighting Fixtures

Say you're changing light fixtures within a room, but you're not redecorating the whole space. Try choosing the same type of fixture but in a different material or color.
You could swap a brass chandelier for a wooden one, or glass pendants for brushed steel. It'll give you the effect of a whole new redesign without spending money on new decor.
If you've changed items like rugs or drapes, feel free to choose new light fixture colors to match them. You could also use basic color theory to find complementary shades for an ultra-modern look. Instead of matching lamps to your light fixtures, why not match your fixtures to your lamps?

Let There Be Light

Now you know how to mix and match when you're changing lighting fixtures. Be brave and bold when choosing the styles that work together. You can also pick materials to match other colors and textures within the space. Don't be afraid to have fixtures from different collections or brands.
And remember changing lighting fixtures can be the quickest way to breathe new life into a room. Why not check out our lighting catalog to find the best fixtures for you?
That's all for today!  May sunshine fill your day!  Visit us soon at Stained Glass Panels Plus for your ideas to become reality!

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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 24


Light up Your Child's World: How to Choose a Lamp for Their Room

If your child isn't old enough to decorate their own room, then it's up to you. Here are a few tips for choosing the best lamps for the job.
Lamps are an awesome way to light up a room. There are so many different styles and options, and it can be a little hard to choose which lamp to get. Well, don't worry! We're here to help you!
There are a few things to consider when deciding on which lamps are a good fit for your child's room. Keep reading for some great tips on choosing the perfect lamp!

Consider Your Space

When choosing the right lamp, you want to make sure it works in the space you are going to put it in. If you're just starting to put your child's room together, you may want to do things that will change the room drastically, like painting, first. One thing that won't change, though, is the size of your room.
The size of the room will inform how much light will be needed. For a small room, one large floor lamp might be enough for general illumination. You can supplement it with one or two smaller lamps to give a nice ambiance. 
Is your child's room going to have a theme? Keep that in mind when selecting lamps. You can be as creative as you want! Have an underwater theme? Maybe try a multi-bulb tree lamp with a blue bulb that you can turn on for that under the sea vibe!

Pick Lamps That Work with Your Furniture

What furniture you incorporate into your child's room is also a great way to inform your lamp choices.
Do they have a desk for coloring or studying? A desk lamp is a good idea then. Use a desk lamp to add general ambiance to the room and as a dedicated activity light source. Having a dedicated light source for the desk can help reduce eye strain while your kid colors or reads.
The same goes for you! If you have a rocking chair set up so that you can read your kid a bedtime story, a reading light is a wonderful thing. Rather than reading with the overhead light on and keeping your kid awake, you can focus the light primarily on the book. That way you can see, and your kid can slowly drift off to sleep in the lower light.

Don't Forget the Nightlight

A nightlight is the quintessential child's room lamp. A small bedside nightlight can be fun and also functional.
Children are often not as aware of their surroundings as adults, so having a small light on at night can help them get around when getting up to use the bathroom. Some kids fear the dark, and even those without a major fear usually feel more comfortable with a little bit of light.
Nightlights come in all kinds of cool and cute designs, and you can find the perfect one to fit your child and the theme of their room! 

Lamps to Fit Your Style

So now that you've given it a little thought, get out there and find the perfect lamps for your child's room! We have a large selection to choose from, give us a call if you have any questions!
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 23

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Upgrade Your Windows: 5 Amazing Trends for 2019

New year, new look. Here are a few beautiful window treatment trends that are happening in 2019.
Ever seen an odd-looking house? More often than not, the problem is with the windows. They might not look suitable for the house or they might seem outdated.
Don’t let your home fall into the same trap.
Finding the right windows that match current trends can turn into an uphill battle. In fact, the average expenses on windows are at $4,516, with maximum cost reaching up to $11,116.
Knowing the expected values for your budget, you need windows that are both trendy and energy-efficient. Here are some window treatment trends designed to enrich your home with both a trendy and environmentally-friendly approach:

1. Black Window Frames

Using black window frames would be a good start in veering towards the dramatic and modern look. White window frames tend to be more traditional when it comes to style.
Since black works well with every color combination and home style, it continues to sit as a solid choice. It also helps with letting other designs pop out and shine. For instance, the use of black window frames can enhance printed or patterned window treatments.
You can complement black window frames with light colored curtains for a play on harmony.

2. Window Decals

One of the window treatment trends that you can try out is window decals. They are also a step away from traditional window treatments, leaning towards a different approach.
Look for something unexpected or a bit unusual but appealing for you. Stained-glass looking window decals are a good example of this. The easy-to-install nature of window decals makes it a great alternative to regular drapes.

3. More Glass, Less Frame

Another trend that continues to dazzle at this point is in having larger windows. More home buyers would aim for fixed windows and even corner windows. This provides a wider view area and more towards natural light.
A great number of window manufacturers are doing away with grids to achieve this. All thanks to this particular approach with windows.

4. Fewer Window Screens

Going with the trend mentioned earlier, the pursuit now also extends with having more of the windows and less of window screens. This design allows more sunlight into your home. It also makes the window look less like a set of prison bars.

5. Trendy Color Combinations

When it comes to trends, both traditional and modern, color palettes continue to influence designs. In this case, these trends can go in two different directions.
One is to go towards a brighter approach with white and soft beige. The other approach is towards a darker palette with the use of dark brown and dark grey, which work well with wood.
Check out the style of your home first before deciding what to pick. The key here is finding the right combination that blends well with your home.

Go Modern with These Window Treatment Trends Today

In pursuing modern home trends, you can do so much that is within your home’s style and budget. With these window treatment trends and suggestions, you might be able to enrich and enhance your home’s overall style with these contemporary aesthetics in design.
When it comes to enriching your home, especially with windows, we have what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us and we’ll get you started.
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 22

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Just Add Character: 5 Unique Home Accent Pieces You Need to Try

Worried about breaking out of the cookie cutter mold? Check out these 5 unique home accent pieces that set yours apart from the crowd.
Home decor is big business, generating expected revenues of over $600 billion by 2020. But so many people decorate with the same boring home decor.
Why not use unique home accent pieces to express your individual instead? It's fun and doesn't have to be expensive either. 
Looking for some cool ideas? Check out these five unique home accent pieces that'll set your home apart. 

1. Statement Piece

The beauty of the statement piece is that it can be anything you want. It doesn't have to be art. Furniture, unusual wall decor, or an interesting lamp all fit the bill.
Small, medium, or large, it's a piece that captures your imagination and attention. The statement piece is the spotlight of the room. Design the room around it.
You probably won't find your statement piece in a big-box home store. But don't be surprised if you find it at a garage sale. Try a large mirror with an interesting frame on the biggest wall of your living room. 
Mirrors add light and interest.

2. Beautiful Lighting

We all need lights. But we don't need boring lights! Overhead lights are often utilitarian and uninteresting. Adding unique lighting to all your rooms sets you apart from the crowd.  
Try a funky modern chandelier over the dining room table. Or if your taste is traditional, find a beautiful old chandelier with lots of teardrop crystals. The right chandelier doubles as a statement piece.
Use lighting in a different way. Instead of a nightstand lamp, hang an unusual pendant light. It frees up space on the nightstand while giving your bedroom an unusual look. 

3. Display Collectibles

Do you have a collection? Don't box it away or keep it in the den. Install floating shelves high on the wall. Putting your collectibles on display is more fun than stashing them in the den or boxing them up. 
From vintage bottles to figurines, your collectibles add a personal touch. Do you collect baseball cards? Consider framing your favorites and creating a gallery wall. 

4. Try an Unusual Timepiece

Most people use their cellphone or the clock on the microwave to keep track of time. But a unique clock is functional and decorative. Find something quirky and fun and hang it in a prominent location. 

5. A Cool Room Divider

There are many interesting ways to divide a room. You don't always need a wall. Hang a decorative screen from the ceiling. Another great accent divider is an open bookshelf.
Use a tall, narrow bookshelf that's open on both sides. Put books and other decorative items on the shelf. Place the shelf between the two areas you want divided. 

Separate Yourself from the Crowd with Unique Home Accents

Don't decorate like everyone else. Set yourself apart with unique home accents. Put your signature style on the above ideas and be the envy of all your neighbors. 
Start with some statement pieces for the main rooms in your home. Use unusual lighting and fun clocks throughout the house. Divide a big room with a decorative screen or bookshelf. 
And don't forget to stage your collectibles! Looking for more great ideas? Take a look here-->https://www.stainedglasspanelsplus.com
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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 21

Light Up Your Life: 3 Qualities to Look For in Reproduction Tiffany Lamps

Stained glass lamps are prized for their beauty and character. Here's 3 qualities to look for in reproduction Tiffany lamps.
Picture yourself walking down the streets of Rome.
As you're walking, you discover a beautiful cathedral. You walk inside and look up.
What you see takes your breath away.
You see sunlight pouring through a beautiful stained glass dome. You must find a way to make this beauty a part of your home, but how?
Fortunately, this problem already has a solution. Reproduction Tiffany lamps - beautiful stained glass at your fingertips.
Be careful, though, not all reproductions are created equally.
Let's talk about how to spot a genuine reproduction so you can induce the same euphoric feelings in your home.

Perfectly Imperfect Glass

Genuine reproduction Tiffany lamps have beautiful, vivid glass.
The process of making stained glass is quite complex. The craftsmanship of the glass is unique to each piece. Therefore, no lamps are ever identical, contributing to the Tiffany lamp value on the market.
The glass will have small imperfections such as bubbles, lines and even cracks. Bubbles and lines can occur during the creation process while cracks can be caused by the heat of light bulbs over years of usage.
Cheap reproductions, however, tend to look perfect. However, this is a dead giveaway and a false impression.
Mass produced Tiffany lamps are made with low-quality glass. Sometimes they are even made with plastic. The lamp shade may appear bright and elegant, but the illusion fades once the lamp is lit. 
The poor quality glass or plastic pales in comparison to the true art glass genuine reproduction Tiffany lamps are made with.

The Base, Who Says Heavy Isn't Beautiful?

The base of Tiffany lamps is generally made with real bronze. Underneath the bronze is lead, to give the lamp its characteristic heavy, solid feel.
Mass producers of low-quality lamps are smart, however, and often use a cheaper metal coated in a bronze finish.
If you can't discern whether or not it's real bronze, try to find other clues that might determine it's quality or authenticity.
Similar to high-end purses and watches, faux lamp producers try to make their products seem more legitimate by placing stamps or signatures on them. Don't rely solely on these markers.

In the World of Reproduction Tiffany Lamps, You Get What You Pay For

Yes, the old adage is true. You get what you pay for.
If you want a beautiful, high-quality Tiffany lamp, you have two options.
First, you can buy an original. This is the more expensive option, as a genuine antique Tiffany lamp's value can soar up to millions of dollars.
If you're not a millionaire, however, a better option would be to buy a genuine reproduction. Reproductions also hold high values, sometimes ranging up to six thousand dollars, but are much more affordable.
However, prices and pictures of Tiffany lamps won't always tell you everything you need to know. Make sure you are buying from a reputable vendor that appreciates the product they are selling.

Beneath the Surface

If you are in the market for a Tiffany lamp, you already know that you are buying more than just a lamp.
Tiffany lamps are full of history and passion.
The craftsmanship and dedication put into each lamp make each one unique and special in its own right.
Simply put, a Tiffany lamp doesn't just add light to a room, it adds light to your life.
Contact us to find out more about reproduction Tiffany lamps or see what we can do to make your home brilliant at https://wwwstainedglasspanelsplus.com

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Fascinating and Fundamental Part 20

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Then There Was Light: 4 Bright Ideas for Decoration with Lamps

Then There Was Light: 4 Bright Ideas for Decoration with Floor Lamps

Addling light to different rooms in your home can illuminate your home's decor. Check out these 4 bright ideas for decoration with floor lamps.

Winter time is nearly over, and do you know what that means?

Spring Cleaning.
No matter how much we wish it would stop coming around, spring cleaning time keeps showing up every year. And since we can't shake it, we might as well find a way to have some fun with it, right?
Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to rearrange and redecorate your home.
Redecorating your home will make your old furniture feel new again, and consequently, help you feel new again, too.
Get your ideas and styles ready before springtime rolls around. Add some fresh paint, new rugs, and try your hand at light decorations.
Whether you're decorating with floor lamps or learning new angles, playing with different lighting styles is a great way to brighten up any home.
So throw on your coolest shades because it's about to get really bright in here. Read on to learn how lamps can brighten your whole home.

Play With Angles

Many lamps come adjustable so that you can angle the light to fit particular tasks. Try to select lamps with a bendable goose-neck base or even lamps with a swivel-arm feature.
Point your lamp lighting at a particular painting, trophy, or any item that you want to draw attention to.
The more flexibility that your lamps have, the more flexibility you'll have.

Decorate with Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can be a great addition to any room. They add stability to a room and can also be used to fill in empty spaces.
Floor lamps are also great if you tend to keep your end tables in full use. Since they stand tall they tend to take up less space in a room.

To Be or Not to Be Shady?

Play with different lamps shades!
A new lamp shade can bring any old lamp back to life.
Most lamps have traditional colors, like black, brown, or grey, for their base. This allows you much versatility when interchanging lampshades.
Add some pink flair to accent a picture you love or try your hand at stained glass shades.
If you're going to play with stained glass, do some research first on color schemes. For example, light colors, like yellow, can make a room feel large and warm, while darker colors, like red, tend to give the room a smaller feel.

Location Location Location

Understand that location is everything. You wouldn't put your couch in the middle of the room, would you?
It's the same idea with lamps. Corners are great locations for lamps because, assuming you have the right color scheme, the light can bounce off of the paint on the walls and shine throughout the room.
You can also choose to mount lights on the walls if you feel your home is already crowded. This will keep you from tripping over cords and knocking cups off of overcrowded end tables.

Why Stop With Lamps?

You've got the lamp techniques down, but why stop at decorating with floor lamps and cool shades?
Add some new flair to your home with custom designed stained glass? Class up your kitchen, sun room, or sliding doors with your favorite colors.

Check out our stained glass selections to give you more style ideas that'll help you fall in love with your home again.

That's all for today!  May sunshine fill your day!